Electrical system

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  1. The home inspector shall inspect:
    1. Service entrance conductors;
    2. Service equipment, grounding equipment, main overcurrent device, and main and distribution panels;
    3. Amperage and voltage ratings of the service;
    4. Branch circuit conductors, their overcurrent devices, and the compatibility of their ampacities;
    5. The operation of a representative number of installed ceiling fans, lighting fixtures, switches and receptacles
    6. located inside the house, garage, and on the dwelling’s exterior walls;
    7. The polarity and grounding of all receptacles within six feet of interior plumbing fixtures, and all receptacles in the garage or carport, and on the exterior of inspected structures;
    8. The operation of ground fault circuit interrupters; and
    9. Smoke detectors.
  2. The home inspector shall describe:
    1. Service amperage and voltage;
    2. Service entry conductor materials;
    3. The service type as being overhead or underground; and
    4. The location of main and distribution panels.
  3. The home inspector shall report the presence of any readily accessible single strand aluminum branch circuit wiring.
  4. The home inspector shall report on the presence or absence of smoke detectors, and operate their test function, if accessible, except when detectors are part of a central system.
  5. The home inspector is not required to:
    1. Insert any tool, probe, or testing device inside the panels;
    2. Test or operate any overcurrent device except ground fault circuit interrupters;
    3. Dismantle any electrical device or control other than to remove the covers of the main and auxiliary distribution panels; or
    4. Inspect:
      1. Low voltage systems;
      2. Security system devices, heat detectors, or carbon monoxide detectors;
      3. Telephone, security, cable TV, intercoms, or other ancillary wiring that is not a part of the primary electrical distribution system; or
      4. Built-in vacuum equipment.

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